About Us

SwanBio Therapeutics is a clinical-stage gene therapy company that aims to bring life-changing treatments to people with devastating and inherited neurological conditions.

At SwanBio Therapeutics, our goal is to prevent the progression of debilitating disease and enable the progression of the person.

We’re passionate

We’re improving patients’ lives through science

Personal and professional experience with patients inspired our founders to establish SwanBio. Everything we do echoes their desire to bring hope, improve quality of life, and change the treatment landscape.

We’re experienced

Our Swans have deep roots in gene therapy research

We’re proud to bring together an exceptional collection of talent and experience to advance our aspiration for people with neurological disorders. Altogether, our leadership team represents 90+ years of gene therapy research.

We’re connected

We understand the patient and caregiver perspective

Strong relationships with patient and advocacy communities help us truly appreciate the priorities of patients and caregivers, and support our collective journey to finding treatment.

We’re collaborative

We need to work together to solve the genetic puzzle of neurological disorders

Patients can’t wait. Collaboration and humility in the face of challenges are essential to our success on their behalf.

Meet the Swans

We have an experienced, patient-focused team of professionals dedicated to delivering life-changing therapies for people with neurological disorders.

Join Our Pond

We’re always looking for smart, creative, and innovative people who want to make a difference.